How to Add reCAPTCHA to WordPress Comment Form

Comments play a vital role for any website, especially blogs. It helps you to know what people think about your latest posts and how do they interact with the same. Besides, the comment sections are a simple yet effective way to cultivate a loyal reader community. However, many times you may find your comment section rife with spam comments containing backlinks and irrelevant advertising messages. This is an unethical cheap way to get the backlinks and many spammers now use automated spam bots to randomly post such spam comments on different sites. Nearly every blogger has to face this annoying incident.

In this post, we will tell you about an effective way to fight and stop these malicious spambots with the help of reCAPTCHA. This guide will mention a step by step tutorial on adding reCAPTCHA to your WordPress comment section so that your site will be able to fight (and defeat) the malicious spambots


What is a Spambot?

Spammers use a bot known as spambot that goes around the web and randomly posts the spam comments on any website (including yours). It helps them to automate the process of spamming and increase the volume of spam comments with least efforts. Being technically advanced the spammers can find out the sophisticated ways to continue spamming even if you have installed antispam on your site.